November 21, 2012

Pre Turkey Day sketches

Alrighty-o, finished another book for the month of November. Think I'm starting to get a hang of this line thing. Been using a brush pen lately so that's been a nice change of pace from just straight line. Thesis is going alright, boarded about six different versions of the story, which kinda feels like a waste of time because most people are still liking the first version I ever boarded. I do feel though, exploring those ideas was a great use of time and also gave me a bit more confidence in my boarding. 

You just start doing so many of them, that at first it's like..."throw away that board? what?!" Then it's like..."that sequence is not working? I have to scrap it?" Then it's..."you mean the whole thing sucks?" After a while it's really not even about the end product and just going through the motions that's fun- you gotta zen that shit.

Unfortunately, I think I have to get a film done to graduate, so I think I got my story locked. Hopefully it makes sense come May 4th? and the audience won't be completely lost.

Anyway, Jerome Ranft Interview should be up for December, will link it/tweet it as soon as it goes live. It's a good one! (says the person who wrote it).

Happy Thanksgiving! Beware the tryptophan!

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