April 24, 2012

Veldt Characters

Couple of design ideas for Bradbury's The Veldt. Thinking of taking the whole thing to a deco style so doing research on that. Growing up in Miami (especially on the rare trips to Miami Beach) that style was always on my mind but I've never really paid attention to it much. It's kind of crazy what a sweet style it is though, a little futurist, a little egyptian; cool mesh.

Don't often put stuff that wasn't made by me on this blog, but this song is totally related to the story I'm covering. What's really interesting are the lyrics and the way it, at least for me, emphasizes the "innocence" of the children which at the end of the story you're like "woah", but if you really look into it, you start to think well..."what about the children?" and this is pretty much the answer.

The Veldt is a beautiful place.


Anonymous said...

wow man techno...where's techno animation reel?

Michael Barquero said...

Haha, if you seriously want that track you can find it here:


As for deadmau5? That dude's all kinds of good, listen to all the tracks!