December 2, 2012

Last book of the semester

So lately I've been running away from my senior project by going to coffee shops D:

Anyway, this'll probably be my last book for the semester. Been having fun just pouring all kinds of stuff on these pages and been really thinking lately of making a comic, even if it's shitty- words and images together are pretty fun and a couple of people have asked to see my sb at coffee shops and it's interesting how they come up with their own interpretation of drawings and drawings+words- I notice they do it more with "cartooney" drawings, hmm....

Also, full disclosure, in case anyone was wondering, there are a couple of stuff here from some of my favorite contemporary artists like James Robertson,  Shiyoon Kim, etc. I just like seeing how other people who've been at this for a while shorthand their drawings- interesting stuffs. Most are from life though.


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