November 12, 2012


Getting close! Don't think I'll be doing any more "major" story passes on this; deadlines are looming. I also really just need to buckle down on something that has some sort of beginning/middle/end and doesn't lose the audience too much as they watch it.

Think this is has been the most I've boarded out of any semester, I'd say easily more than 600 boards and it's been a fun ride. Honeymoon stage is pretty much over; love doing this stuff. Especially working on live action sets with directors and trying to make their vision come to life and seeing them get excited over it and in turn getting excited and in turn making just awesome stuff- so awesome!

Anyway, going to use some stuff from this, some stuff from some previous passes I've made and work in some new boards, time it out and just settle on something that makes sense and hope I can plus it with the animation, color, etc.

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