November 25, 2012



Did I mention...done? So, three weeks left to the semester, was told I had to lock this unit up- so no more story noodling for me. So even if I wanted to...I can't, ha! Will probably cut out the cross-cutting at the beginning as well as that sweet trunk shot I've always wanted to put in a sequence for w/e reason. It was all to set up something that was going to happen later on, but it's not going to happen because it's not. It could go in, but it really doesn't add much and is more shoeleather than anything else.

Actually really like this version. Totally different from my 1st pitch (a swash-buckling adventure on the high seas! with a churtle in the mix!), but at it's core, this story still talks about what I wanted to talk about- hopefully it's felt, if not...fiddlesticks.

Anyway, going to clean this up and put it in some boardamatic type thing asap!

Also, got a sweet idea for a nice giveaway to those coming to our animation show in May- come by, free pizza and beer! (as if anyone even read this), kinda like those limited edition promo pokemon cards you'd get when you watched a pokemon movie, except, it's not pokemon, or cards...or maybe it is...

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