October 31, 2012

Story Cleaner

Got some really interesting notes in senior project about the way I was shooting things, probably biggest thing I took away (apart that my story still needs work): get inside your characters' heads [and use the camera to relay that to the audience]. 

Reminds me of the concept of subjective vs. objective shots. Looking over my boards, most of it is objective and the ones that are subjective are really just OTS's or dirty overs, maybe one POV. Which is lame because that's the cool thing about cinema; living that experience. At least for me, that's why plays aren't all that engaging; "you're just watching people feel things".

I started thinking about movies in which something that can be quite mundane is made all of a sudden very thrilling because of a character's particular interest in the subject. Only one that really came to mind was TS2's cleaner scene. Camera comes in and out, gives us woody's perspective, Geri's intense passion for his craft, but also moves the camera a bit so we know where we are...damn.

On a side note, love the nod to Nikita with that first shot :D

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