October 19, 2012

Havana Sketch

Got this really cool new ink: Havana Brown. Really calming to use while drawing, something about the brown. Anyway, finished ma sketchbook for the month of october, 12 days early! woot! Going to shoot for two sketchbooks a month...ha. no not really...or maybe...o.0

Also! Thought I should mention it because I think it's pretty cool: I got to interview Jerome Ranft earlier this week for the school's communications department. Very inspiring talk and such a cool dude to talk about art and life, man...just, really groovy. Jerome Ranft actually attended CCA (C) (back when we were still the California College of the Arts & Crafts) for sculpture and it was really cool to tour the grounds with him and learn not much has changed.

Anyway, look out for that article in a couple of weeks. Would be cool to set up some type of podcast deal with the school, but not sure how that would work.


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