April 5, 2012

Junior Review Demo Reel

Here at CCA all animation majors have this thing where in their junior year they have to show pretty much what they've been up to. The department invites people from Tippett, Dreamworks and Pixar to critique our whole body of work and give us advice on our careers, life, etc.

Got pretty good remarks on the reel, but didn' t get much critique on my boards or how to improve or go about just getting better overall so kind of bummed out about that. However, I have been getting ridiculously fantastic life advice from Christov and advice on how to get better over all, so I guess everything balances out in the end.


Unknown said...

looks great. Your blade runner boards are awesome!

Michael Barquero said...

haha, the panel liked them too (I think Blade Runner Blues helped :D).

Anyway, thanks!