February 19, 2013

Lurking MC

Main character from the lurking fear. He's a bit of a spoiled rich city kid with a fondness for creepy and scary things maybe due to a lack of any actual real danger in his pampered childhood. He goes looking for trouble when he hears of the "lurking fear" in a certain mansion.

The kind of person he is, he likes to be very well informed about everything- he reads all the lore and talks to the city folk in a sort of voyeuristic way, as if the city folk are his research tools for him to just question and use.

Little does he know what's in store for him- he thinks it's the most abominable thing on this world, a creature of devolution, incest, and just disgusting indulgence, but if he examines a bit, the lurking fear, the thing he stares at with repulsion, has been inside him the entire time.

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