October 16, 2012

Character Maquettes

Hm, not quite sure how useful these were to do. Took somewhat of a long time and not completely sure I'm going to be using these clay sketches. I was trying to explore with clay, but it takes a while to get some shapes worked over in your hands and sometimes they don't work together or look weird. Anyway, going to see if I stick to my original model sheets. None of the ones I came up in clay felt like the characters I had in the story.

I did however find out, if anything, to use a bit harder clay next time. Can't really get any nice hard edges or smooth curves, it all just kinda collapses on you when you get going with the smaller tools. Do realize a bad craftsman blames his materials, but seriously, Prima clay is like working with cookie batter. Might go back and work over these, or just start from scratch with harder clay, should go faster.

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