August 21, 2012

Viridiana (ms)

How do you even- these movies?! Blowin' my mind, loved the subject matter, the story, the way the shots support the narrative (last supper, crown of thornes, sacrifice, righteousness, parallels, etc) and the authenticity man, jebus.

For anyone else brought up in a latino family, this is especially a must. Dunno, lots of things just felt like they connected more on an emotional level (as opposed to intellectual). I suspect this may be why I don't connect so much with "hollywood" films. Although I was born here and sucked up most of the culture, my family is 100% Nicaraguense so most of the jokes I know, mannerisms, idioms, etc are all from that culture. 

Been reading stuff and you hear, "write what you know", "your individuality is your currency", "makes films you want to see but aren't being made", "why should your movie exist", and all this other stuff and at the root of it seems to be this idea of identity.

"Who are you" a question that I'm not sure I have started to try and figure out because watching this film right now is making me really think about why I make the stuff I make, should I even be making it? Have I even earned the privilege to make art? What's the point? I guess reductively, nothing  has a point, but why not just do something else? Art for the sake of art is cool and all and do feel like it expands the tools of the craftsman to do whatever they want to do, but I refuse to believe that's the only reason I like painting landscapes, or drawing skulls.

Maybe I just need to get out more or stop writing this stuff at three in the morning.


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