February 4, 2012


First project for Designing for Shots. We basically had to pick a story and draw up some panels from the story, I picked The Colour out of Space by H.P. Lovecraft. The class seems to be kind of like storyboarding except not so dependent on the overall story but more interested in telling the whole story within one panel and communicating it clearly and pleasantly; mini illustrations I guess. With Andrews,  the focus was on the overall story and although design was important, the emphasis was on communicating the story point clearly and efficiently through various panels and camera movements.

Trying out here the Art Center way of making comps. Been experimenting lately with photoshop and trying to get this inky feel to the digital pictures since I dig that stuff. The first couple of small thumbnails are just messing with design and the bigger ones towards the end is what I turned in.

I uploaded the line art only and the one with the blown-up silhouette and line art together. Since it seems Christov wants us to start thinking with light. Think I might stick with the line+silhouette since it seems most storyboard pros put in at least three tones on their boards to give better sense of depth.


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