April 26, 2011

ASG Stuff

Mmmm, wrapped up the study group last Saturday. Finished it off with some free caricatures at the spring fair with all donations going to Japan . Then after our group project was screened over pizza in 306.

It didn't get finished, but, it was an interesting experience. Think next year the group will be more relaxed, fell a bit behind in school trying to organize all this stuff and in the end, I'm not sure how useful it all actually was. Talked with some people though and maybe something like Ringling's DPSC will work with critique/help at the beginning and maybe a movie or compilation of shorts from Annecy's top 100 at the end and some sketching fun in the middle.

Here are more ads I slapped together and the actual video. Credits were left out because this was supposed to play during SCC's Open Mic Night and it had already been underway for about half an hour when I got done editing. Play the video with something by Hans Zimmer in the background for added epic-ness:

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