April 11, 2014

Draw like wood

 Draw as if you were sculpting -Glen Keane

Going to try that. The constructivist method of drawing is nothing new, but maybe, at least for me (to my detriment probably) it was always implied- that I knew how to do it so I didn't need to do it. To a degree you have to do that (not do it) when boarding cause there's just no time. So it does need to be implied, but Bobby Chiu kind of talked about this in his last livestream of how an experienced artist, can say many things with just one line whereas a novice often needs four lines to just say one thing.

Although...the Glen Keane style of drawing seems super related to the Bridgman approach of drawing which although is constructivist is very much different to the that Disney Bill Peet style of drawing/boarding that is pretty much the standard short hand in feature, ugghhhhh

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