March 20, 2014

Story Winter

Winter's cometh and gone- this is what I did for Rad's winter story class. Just came to the realization I had only  posted fragments of it on my tumblr and tweeted a couple of things here and there, so here it is full! sans dialogue for now.

Had a lot of fun just making this up from a Dungeons and Dragons type premise and will probably keep making more stories like this and heck probably full on animate it...don't really have much else to do nowadays anyway. Might be fun; try and come up with some sort of workflow and maybe release them every week or so, take it from a script, board, design, layout, animation, sound, and bam- got nothin' going for me right now, so why not animate D&D encounters from my head?

Although story is a major concern to me when storyboarding, it sometimes just gets in the way of making stuff which can be used later on to make the epic novella that's been wanting to get out for a while now. Besides some of the best directors out there couldn't give a hoot about story anyway, namely...Hitchcock. Although... dunno, that whole conversation is debatable.

Anyway, major notes from Rad concerned clarity, design and use of too many shots but I think it seems that way only because I tend to hold on my shots for a while then wait for new information come in, adjust and bam, new scene, so without ab boards it looks like a cut, but it's really just a long take (love me some tracking/steadicam/etc). 

Also! Taking Rad's figure invention class, I think I like it more than the boarding class because of how much it takes a lot of what you learn in art school and flips it on its head for very reasonable reasons- definitely recommend! 

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