March 7, 2014

Story Wrap-up

Wrapped up class with Rad Sechrist, really cool- learned lots, mostly that I need to work on my shorthand, clarity, etc. Will probably be taking his figure invention class next. Feel like I can observe and draw, and have an idea on how I want to block out my scenes, but gosh darn...something's just not adding up when I get to boarding and it's super aggravating.

For anyone thinking of taking his class...especially if you're new to this and just want to know what storyboarding is all about- it's worth the price tag. For people who've already been through some schoolin' or have experience and what-not, ymmv.

Biggest thing I think I personally took away from this is that I just gotta draw more. Somewhat trite yes, but more so than ever, it's not drawing just to "observe" or to "practice" but drawing more to discover yourself and discover the way you work, how you make your marks, why you hold the pencil the way you do, whether little jellybean constructions work for you or not, etc, etc.

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