August 6, 2013

Oil grove

Went painting at the grove in LA- decided to do people instead of landscapes.  Really hard to be inconspicuous though when these bristle brushes measure about 18" in length.

What I really like about this is that it forces you to commit much quicker than if you had about ~3hrs for a landscape. You get maybe 30 minutes of someone eating, and they're gone, some of these left after only 10 minutes. So you have to quickly decide what's saturated, what's not, if your shadows will be cool or warm, what edges will you hit hard and which soft, what will be thin, what will be thick, high-key, low-key, value, hue (this one is hard and not hard at the same time because of the simple burnt sienna/french ultramarine combo) and of course if there's time background/edges. can't really be too naturalistic with 30 minutes, so there's also design decisions being made.

FYI: lighting at the grove's farmer market ~5pm is remarkable- wish I had an invisibility cloak to just paint away.

Will probably have to get smaller brushes since I don't have time to paint them big.

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