July 28, 2013


So, for those who keep up with this blog, you'll know I've moved to Los Angeles. Very cliché to say I've moved here to find myself, but in a way I guess that's what sort of happens when you have "nothing to do"- no school, no homework, nothing you're supposed to be doing other than sustaining your living. Just living your life.

Right now just working a day job while I try to figure out exactly what I want to do. I'm also interning at this fashion design place that's been a pretty cool experience, working with others and what not- mostly doing graphic design work, linesheets, lookbooks, office stuff, etc.

I also started painting again. People always say do what you love and although I like boarding, painting has always been my favorite thing, I just kinda stopped doing it because didn't see it as a viable way to make a living- unless you go post-modern or what have you- which is cool but it's not what I love. 

Anyway, a really rad friend invited me over to Sony Animation to visit since she's interning there and it really reminded me of why I got into this thing in the first place. All the art work on the walls, the really nice people, the fun activities, just...so cool. Guess I've gotten kind of jaded, which is a terrible thing to say on a somewhat public forum like a blog (never know who's reading, etc), but for posterity- I really do want this to be out there somewhere.

Again, still kind of playing it by ear, thinking about going into art education. In Miami I used to volunteer at the Miami Children's Museum and everyday was so rewarding, helping those kids was just awesome. 

After that visit to Sony Animation, I was really inspired to do stuff. Which lately I haven't because I've been somewhat frustrated with myself. I went home grabbed some brushes and did these things. All done in casein on mixed media paper- kind of a oil/gouache crossover (milk protein bind!). Really fun to use, but I wouldn't use it after it's caked- much more fun out of the tube.

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