July 31, 2013

Bus Pass

Got a bus pass recently and it's the most awesome thing ever. I can go anywhere in LA now, get on and off busses, stop somewhere, paint/draw, hop back on and go somewhere else and then draw the people in THAT bus.

Went down to Venice beach and painted this thing here and got night pretty quickly so just drew my shoe. Old weathered leather just recently ravished by sand is extremely hard to paint, blah. Included my travel palette- using burnt sienna, ultramarine, and white.

Will probably spring for the viridian/cad-orange combo next paycheck- fun!

Also...muscle beach is an actual thing? Thought that was just cartoons...


Anonymous said...

paint, paint, paint, and more paint.

Michael Barquero said...

Ha, great to hear from you man. Let me whenever you're in the LA area.