July 4, 2013

Digital Experiments

Exploring the awesome world of painting again and I'm really digging the digital- so much freedom to experiment! Only been using two or three brushes here (2 flats and a fan), with some limited palettes I used to use from my community college days, mostly burnt sienna, ultramarine, and titanium and other variants with the same duo-chromatic-semi-complimentary mix idea (viridian/terra,ochre/ultra, etc). I do want to get into using other colors so got this sweet one from the Gurney blog of: Cad Yellow Light, Winsor Red, Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue Deep, Permanent Green, and Titanium White.

The first two are, Dice Tsutsumi studies. Will probably keep on studying modern and old masters, so just look at the tags for attributions. Lipstick and lime are from life and the car landscape is from a Wong Kar-wai film (his lighting is so moody- love it!).

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