December 19, 2012

Blue Velvet (ms)

Stuff like this that reminds me why I like movies so much and am a fan of David Lynch. The themes he gets into and that very gritty real to life tones in his movies are just so disturbingly blatant they just stir something inside of you (at least myself)- which is the greatest thing ever.

Reminds me of this Radiolab podcast of humanity's capacity for "evil". It's that thin line between good and bad, homeless and wealthy, sane and insane, Kyle MacLachlan's character even says it: "Why are there people like frank, why is there so much trouble in this world". Then of course the whole movie is an argument for and against that or maybe not "for" but explaining the "why"- or at least trying to, especially the end with the robin. impact character everrrr- imo.

ahhhh! so good.

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