October 17, 2012

Fountain Sketch

Started using a fountain pen; love it! Doesn't skip when you make quick and/or long strokes, nib glides rather smoothly, and if you run out of ink, it's just a matter of refilling it from a little jar. Plus, you can use just about any fountain pen ink you want. Completely smitten by this pen. Wish the nib was a bit finer, but 'tsall good, especially for an average price pen.

Only concern is that the inks for these fountain pens are made from dyes so it's uber lightfast. Not sure I really mind though, at least not now. There is an ink called "Noodler's" which is made to chemically react with the paper so it binds permanently there. 

Really taking a liking to pens, nibs and ink lately :D

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