October 26, 2012


So, I usually try just posting my own "animation-y" type artwork here. Mostly because I kinda use this as a "portfolio" site and what not. However, I think film relates a lot to what I want to do (visual storytelling), so...why not?

I'm taking a film class this semester and been shooting and cutting here and there, and these are what's been done so far:

Just a intro project to get shooting. Solo project at Berkeley.

Intro to using the HMC150. Shot with a group, edited solo.

More exploration with the HMC150, dealing with apertures, white balance, etc. Shot, performed, and edited with fellow classmate Sophie Worm.

Same as above, but had to use sound "interestingly"

Only had one light source in a dark room. Shot with group (I DP'd) and edited with another classmate after the rough cut to this final cut.

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