October 1, 2012

Embarking on a short

Project codename: Barco

It's a father & son story dressed up to pirates. Started off a bit too epic and a bit dramatic, been trying to rework it with help from senior project class and our visual storytelling teacher. This "still" and boards are early concepts that are probably getting canned; too much plot.

Newest concept is a bit simpler (I think) and more "popcorn-y" but the sentiment is still there I think and plus...it involves gigantic fish riding! 

Everything is subject to change though, think I've been through at least six different "stories" D:


Unknown said...

Hey Dude, is the pirate story still the same as last semester? And YES to gigantic fish riding!

Su Wang said...

Nice drawings! Don't worry about the story, it's going to work out eventually. Looking forward to it :-D

Michael Barquero said...


Hey man, it totally is! Not the same though, switched a few things around and tried to simplified. Heart of it still in tact though and hopefully y'all in nahl will enjoy :D


Thanks! Good luck on yours in Ed's class, Animation Show's gonna totally be bonkers this May :)