October 26, 2012

Another Version

The cool thing about CCA is the pro level and diversity of the professors here. People from different studios, from different mediums, interests, and most interesting to me, approaches to story. I've had the incredible luck to take classes under story artists like Josh Cooley, Mark Andrews, David Feiten /endnamedrop; and even people who aren't "story artists" like my history of film professor, my senior project professor, film 01 professor, even set design and even sculpture for animation as well as other animation teachers here.

They always let slip in their opinion on films and story here whether they're more on the "pop-corny" end or on the art house/avant garde end. The one thing that usually gets mentioned though is making the film entertaining for the audience. That's a big point in film right? Sharing an experience?

So, I dunno, I reworked the story to address the some of the "problems" in the original and cut straight to act II and just wanted to see for myself how this version would play out instead of just thinking about it. Very rough stuff here, mostly just story vomit, will tie them down if not for "senior project" class then for myself.

Not sure if this version is working all too well either. Maybe a mashup of the two?


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