September 14, 2012

Sketch Challenge!

A book a month! 

Saw on a couple of pixar story people postin' this challenge and really seems like a fun little personal challenge. Plus, there's just something of a visceral joy in drawing something on an actual physical surface and having it in a book, bound, and archived, then opening it up a couple of months later and smelling the decomposing lignin as you flip through your old art and remember the places and people in your life at that specific time and think about your worries, expectations, and start reflecting on your current life.

As for school updates, starting senior project this year, wooooooooooot, animation- woot!

I find myself more interested in maybe making comics though. Found the comics section in my school library and although small...been having a blast lookin' at 'em. I dunno, it's kinda like storyboarding, but your storyboards are the finished product, add some color, words, and boom. I know nothing about comics and probably over simplifying, so pardon if I am.

Do stay tuned next week, when my next purpose in life will be textiles!

Also...taking sculpture for animation, that's interesting. Sound for animation is also cool, but what I'm kinda really excited about is my Film 1 class! Really cool to be in that beginner's mind and be learnin' it from square 1, "formally".

Advance Visual Storytelling is also pretty sweet. Ex-Pixar guy is teaching it, does stuff for commercials nowadays and sells scripts and what not. Like the fact he's addressing the "telling stories" part of storyboarding instead of the technical part; screen direction, eye trace, economy. All very important, but what's the point if you're telling "empty stories". 

Oh! and taking a Race, Class, Gender in Cinema class, really cool so far and love the readings. We watched Haggis' Crash.

Fun times!

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