August 28, 2012

Boardaday 38b

Actually had some fun with this one. Really satisfying to not have to worry about the character so much since you already kinda know who they are from watching the movie. So all the focus is on thinking of what kind of shots relay the emotion you think the character should be experiencing, and on a larger scale, what you want the audience to experience. It's also fun not to have generic characters in the boards :D

How to Train Your Dragon:


          Let's talk about that dragon.
          Blood drains from Hiccup's face.

          Oh gods. Dad I'm so sorry. I was
          going to tell you. I just didn't
          know how to--
          Stoick starts laughing. Big, booming. Hiccup stares, baffled.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          You're not...upset?

          What?! I was hoping for this!


Anonymous said...

Did you copy from the movie scenes or reboarded this yourself?

Michael Barquero said...

Reboarded! Need to get my hands on the movie though to see how they actually boarded it. Would be cool to compare :)