August 24, 2012

Boardaday 34b

Always wanted to try and do this: grab a script and board from it. Doing it, there's a couple things that are kinda funky. The funkiest? Knowing the entire story; knowing the scenes that came before and the ones that proceed, as well as who that character is and what's the dynamic going on with other characters.

This script from Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox, was mostly difficult because I've never seen the movie, nor have I read the entire script and/or the book. I don't know what's going on, where I'm coming from, nor who the characters are and there are so many ways to shoot something, that it really depends on those things to see what kind of set up the sequence needs, I think.

So, I'm not too comfortable with these shots but from the synopsis of the movie, kinda got a feeling of some of the characters and what the emotional ride has been up to this part of the script:


          Fox sprints full-speed in the darkness. His claws scratch
          rattling along the iron floor and splash through puddles of
          shallow water.
          Fox stops suddenly. He stands up tall on his hind legs. His
          ears perk up. One pins back. He listens.

                         CUT TO:
          Badger carrying a lantern leading Ash, Mole, and two small
          rabbits down a drainpipe. Badger calls out:

          Kristofferson? Hello? Can you hear us?
          Rat's voice echoes in the darkness:

This was actually pretty fun, and the shots came quick once I tagged the characters with a personality type and pretended I knew what was going on and how each character felt. 

Was kind of hesitant to usurp my original "stories" with already scripted stories. For the purposes of boardaday though, I think it's a-ok. The whole point was just to get boarding because, "If you want to storyboard then storyboard", and it's true. 

Plus, my "original" stories, were really shitty anyway. At least, they weren't stories I "really" want to explore, with any theme or argument I find interesting, they were just stream of conscious, board a to b to c...

Anyway, think I might go watch the movie now and see how it actually played out; so extremely curious :D

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