August 14, 2012

Au Hasard Balthazar (ms)

Ugh, need to get my hands on the criterion version and hear the commentary on this.  Really loved the film, everything about it was just so excellent. I'm just so mesmerized by this movie. 

As someone who wants to be a story artist, I probably shouldn't say this a kid I never really liked movies. I just wasn't interested in the stories that much and besides, I had no money to watch them. Heck, up to a few years ago and even now, I wasn't not sure if this is what I wanted to do, I just like to draw really.

Then, in history of film, there was Bicycle Thieves, Los Olvidados, and I started looking for more into the neorealists with Paisan, even going to Pather Panchali and Tokyo Story and ugh...just, very exciting  stuff.

Hopefully, if I'm still doing this in the future, the stories I make or help make will be somewhere in the ballpark, if not in the parking lot of where these films are.


[edit] still love the popcorn films though, maybe a mix of both kinda like the Coens

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