July 1, 2012

Toy Story 3 boards

Been trying not to copy boards from animated films since you always hear this advice of looking into live action since that's where it's at; kubrick, antonioni, etc. But dunno, think like everything, it's a balance. So, to go with my cartoon studies, why not zoidberg cartoon storyboards?

Plus, apart from hitchcock, ridley scott, and I think cohen bros, I dunno many live action directors that storyboard, or at least they're not easy to find on the interscapes, even the ones they get freelancers to do 'em.

Anyway, learned quite a bit from these boards and had fun studying them. Main thing that's been on my mind though are the shots. I'm a sucker for perspective and I like messing around with it, but, been looking at alota films lately and the shots aren't that intense. Maybe in the climax but...it's often very flat. Staging is still pretty cool, but, the perspective is no escher, and that's good because shots serves story and if the audience is thinking "woah look at that perspective" it's moot to story.

eh, idunno D: 


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