July 21, 2012

Boardaday 1b

Gonna try and bring these back. Was watching a livestream by Noah Bradley , and something interesting that came up was on the topic of imagination and making stuff up, or "make pretend" as Kevin Smith likes to say on his podcasts. Which, is something that kinda fell on the wayside for me when getting srs about art. 

The main sentiment was, you start doing these studies and copies, learning anatomy, putting in the hours of figure drawing, live sketching, reading, blogging, tweeting, tumbling, and really academic, eat-your-vegetable-type stuff and you think when you're finally "ready" to start you're set, but you're really not. 

If you haven't been exercising that creative part of your brain, it's not all of a sudden gonna match up and then learning to fuse together those two parts is gonna require even more work. 


Anyway, for these, went really sketchy and left out tones. Was thinking of tones, but thought about something a teacher critiqued me on and disguising my art with "pretty" technique (tonal shapes) to compensate for lack of substance and clarity in my drawings. 

Might do one with tones sometime though, this line stuff is driving me insane, lines...everywhere. I'm kinda excited for lines though, really feels like something hella powerful.

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