April 25, 2012

Boardaday 11

Was thinking of adding some tones to this, but got some really good advice from  Christov again (as usual). Mostly revolving around the fact that I've settled on a good way of doing things and that I may be getting too comfortable for my own good.

Which is a sentiment expressed by my plein air teacher as well when I went palette knife happy on my paintings. The technique was rather appealing, but in the end they were tricks, not illusions. So, going to get back on focusing on line drawings and think more about character and trying to get that to come through fool-proof.

Also, for the few readers of this blog that don't go to CCA and are wondering who this guy armed with great advice that I refer to as Christov is, supposedly he's setting up a site a la Reel Feedback , but for conceptart-type design things like layout, character designs, model packets, environment design, etc. soon, will link up when that gets going.

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