March 19, 2012


Alright, out for springbreak and thought I'd give this a try: board-a-day for a week. Been thinking about the idea of "play". We read up on it in acting class, about how we tend to lose our idea of "play" as we grow up. We get more serious, grow jaded and think of it as a waste of time. Which is supposedly a big mistake because it's how we learn as kids.

Just watched Surfs Up the other day and it's totally the same thing; having fun with what you're doing, living life, and be better for it. In an interview with Jamie Metzger, former Pixarian, she talks exactly about this.

So even if these boards make no sense, 't'sall good. Also will use this as an excuse to mess more with the cartoony yet anatomically believable characters as well as intense perspective, shot progression, and general shot design.

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