February 11, 2012

Bladerunner Value

For this, I chose sixteen storypoints that I thought were more or less vital to the story. I actually find this exercise a bit more useful than picking a scene and boarding it complete because you have to try and scrub for a scene you really think explains it all. Which sometimes doesn't happen at all since, for some directors, it takes a couple of boards to communicate one idea since they don't want to blatantly show it all and want to make you kinda put things together.

Also...I think I've studied this film about four times for different projects, and it's crazy that it only gets better the more I do look into it. Ridley Scott man...


Quentin Lebegue said...

Michael, your blog is awesome !

You seem to do a huge volume of work - something I admire.

I'd like to become a story artist one day, so going on your blog is always useful and inspiring.

Michael Barquero said...

Haha, thanks for kind words, man. Looked through your blog and you've got some pretty wicked stuff yourself. Keep on keeping on!