January 19, 2012


So, for our Illustration Tools: Drawing Final we pretty much got to do whatever we wanted. The topic was: Do what you would do after you graduated from California College of the Arts. Meaning, what would I be doing after I graduated from here? When no one's looking, when no one really cares about you at all, when there's no grade to be gotten, no pass or fail, no prize, nothing.

Because of the influential teachers I've had, the really cool classes I've taken, I think storyboarding's the thing I do want to do. So I boarded some shots from Yojimbo in ink wash. Really wanted to try out some tone since all the storyboards I've done were just with line. Need to figure out how to translate tone to digital though.



alister said...

wow dude! these are so good and amazing!!

Michael Barquero said...

Shucks, thanks man :D

Really appreciate the comment. Hopefully Christov will have us going in more intensely on stuff like this!