January 19, 2012

Occupy my sketchbook!

Semester's begun and really very excited to be learnin'. Haven't seen all my teachers yet but so far it's been really cool to soak in the knowledge. Knowledge is nothing though without application, so sketches! 

The first couple of sketches are from Occupy Berkeley. Really cool to just experience such an event. Think it was Brad Bird who said in an interview when talking about animation, something along the lines of "You gotta live your life". Which is true, how do we infuse our work with life if we work in vacuum. 

Anyway, it was really cool. The cops there even were curious to see their self-portrait; felt so rad when they chuckled at their portraits I scribbled on my sketchbook. The rest of the stuff are from various classess, Bargue studies, notes, and really a hodgepodge of doodles on many pages. Been trying to focus on line and think about the calligraphy of it and make it bend and straighten with just one wrist movement.

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