January 12, 2012


Welp, break's almost over and classes start after MLK day. Heard more podcasts, watched movies, and thought about things and being home really puts things in cool perspective. This here drawings are about that. Heard an awesome interview with Kris Pearn (story artist at Sony) who talked about doing fast drawing for utility even if they suck because if done enough, and practiced perfect, they will get better; your brain catches up with your hand.

Hopefully it's true. Totally out of my comfort zone since I used to be a shady guy (pun intended), so I liked thinking with light,  tones, the whole chiaroscuro business. This line stuff has been a very awesome experience to learn and it really is a 'nother way of drawing since half the time I find myself thinking "how would I do this if I had nice black chalk". 

Digital is a whole 'nother thing too. I've found though that setting the brush on photoshop to no fancy dynamics and keeping it simple really forces one to be "confident". It's kind of like the crow quill of photoshop; unforgiving. Sure there's undo but, just gotta try an' avoid temptation.

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