January 19, 2012

Fall Remnants

Couple of last bit of things from last fall. This is from a plein air class I took with Robert Hunt. Really awesome painter and he actually started out as an illustrator, so he hasn't been doing landscapes all his life but his paintings are still so great.

Biggest thing I got from his class is the the affirmation of emotion in art. I've talked about this before with the the Murch book and talking about gesture drawing, but from what I got from Hunt and going through this experience is that, it's the same for painting. A painting that took you about...an hour or two can have just as much, if not more life than something that took six hours. It's about being honest in what you see; authenticity.

Took acting this semester with Kate Duffly and when we were doing our improv classes this same concept came up. Doing the first thing that comes to your mind, your first thought, your first stroke; raw  emotion. Dunno...

The last three shots are some things from illu tools: drawing.

(above) Caspar David Friedrich Master Copy

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