December 7, 2011


So I lost my flash drive with most of my set design work as well as all of the work I did last year (junior review is gonna be awesome!). No point in stressing though, this just means life has unlocked hard mode for me.

Anyway! I actually had some fun designing this set. Reminded me of my counterstrike many hours wasted on Dust. Trying to take to heart what we've been learning in set design regarding minimalist sets and thinking about how something would be filmed, why include certain "props" and further in on that, trying to not put things in simply as "props" but having a reason for them.

The "theme" of the set if you will is masks! It is a storefront (literally a front) that sells masks, but really they sell weapons. The fridge and oven, even the golden bell and register all have a reason for being there, but will detail it later. Got lot of notes so will end up changing most of this and might even get rid of some things.

Trying to make it overall maybe be a single set story like "Rope". It's actually based on a storyboard I was working on about ninjas! It's funny though how while designing this shop, you get ideas for new story lines based on how a character would react to a situation and setting.
"A rule I’ve always followed is: never use a setting simply as a background. Use it one hundred percent. (…) You’ve got to make the setting work dramatically.  You can’t use it just as a background. In other words, the locale must be functional."
                                                                                                                -Alfred Hitchcock

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