November 23, 2011

Castle Warmup


Martin W. said...

hey man,

wow, that is a LOTTA work! Youre doing great man. Youre lines have become much more fluent and confident. Some finished stuff would be cool too tho!
Could you tell me a little more about your excercises? Like, you said you were given a few story beats and then had to blow it up to 32 panels? Whats the info you were given and what were you supposed to do then excactly?
Just curious :)

Michael Barquero said...

Ha, that's a relief to hear- thanks!

Yeah, he gave us a couple of beats to follow, which were roughly:

there's a castle
princess in castle
knight going to save her
knight fights orc
knight goes inside
knight goes up stairs
fights another troll
meets princess
they then fly away on a pegasus

You then basically have to fill in the holes in the story and visually tell it within 32 panels. Like, where the hell did the pegasus come from? why doesn't he just fly in with it and save the princess? etc.

Hope all is good.