September 18, 2011

Bear Jail Set

Got this set design class thats panning out to be something awesome. Prof (Chris Sollars) is pretty flexible with what medium we use, what we do, and we even get to choose what our final will be.

This first project was to get something we've done for another class and make a shot out of it that would be for a film production and in addition have a picture showing the set up of how this would be set up in a physical space.

Took a board of my old bear "story". Took it into photoshop, added some things to better fit the exposition, try and add some character through the set up of the scene. Pretty interesting to think of what should actually be in the shot, how it's positioned, the dimensions of the set, how thick a bar is, how high a stool should be, if the sink should even be separate from the toilet, should be another bed in there, and if so...are we expecting someone? Does he have a cell mate? If so, where is he? How is the light going to be coming into the set.

Anyway, been a while since I've modeled. Didn't get to texture or even change the colors on the lamberts, but...didn't really matter too much:

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