June 5, 2011


Semester's been over for a while now and now looking forward to what's ahead. Didn't get an internship but  Lyndon recommended to do a personal short over the break which sounds just as awesome. Signed up for classes and they're looking like this for now:

SET Instructor: Chris Sollars

Wkshp: Acting Instructor: Catherine Duffly

3D Computer Animation 2 Instructor: Brett Schulz

Illus Tools R: Plein-Air Paint Instructor: Robert Hunt

Illus Tools E1: Drawing Wkshp Instructor: Mark Eanes

Animation: Visual Storytelling Instructor: Mark Andrews

So psyched out about the professors and the classes, if all goes well I'll be back at it come September. For now, here are more drawings and stuff, trying to get better with line instead of relying so much on shading (can't help it).

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