April 1, 2011

The stuff that dreams are made of

Heh, man, illustration prof (Barron Storey) ripped me a a new one on this one. I had a couple of other stuff for this as well as other stuff from the same class, but I left my portfolio on the shuttle along with it went all my work from Bodies in Motion too.

Anyway, I'm glad I'm taking the class though. I was always on the fence on wanting to become an illustrator, concept artist or character designer or something in that visual development category, and so far, it's only been frustrating. 

Went digital with this because I really need the practice. Got critiques that this treatment would work so much better in traditional media and I definitely agree. Barron also mentioned that the thing could be rather loose but needs a few points where the detail is through the roof, that it just looked like a digital quickie (guilty). Which is something my Bodies in Motion prof tells me every session, and something my Figure Drawing prof was telling me around the end of last semester (hmm...) .

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