April 30, 2011


Pretty glad this semester is almost over. Probably one of the worst, most frustrating semesters I've ever had. It was however very sobering, rerouted priorities, and am indeed getting over the "artist block" I've had for the entire semester.

Sure there were a couple of cool things (ok, awesome things), Pete Docter came to visit (and donated a personal zoetrope of his to the school), I got to visit Pixar and talk with Bryn Imagire (she was actually very inspiring, heh), I also got to take classes with Mark Andrews, and even Hans Brekke Class (anim2) was cool (awesome teacher in every sense of the word), but something was just off- maybe I just burned out- I dunno.

Anyway, some drawing:


alister said...

i totally understand that "artist block". since all my animation classes are doing the fundamentals and exercises.. you can't really work on your creativity.

Good luck on finals dude!

Michael Barquero said...

Hey, thanks man, hope you do well too! See you at the animation show!

Elizabeth McMahill said...

woah. Normally I don't really like boxing stuff in like you do, but it's pretty cool how it automatically changes the space and turns each one into an identifiable composition by identifying the format. ...neat.