April 12, 2011

Animation Study Group

Started up this little organization at school in hopes to bring together some of the animation majors (maybe even illu and film) since it seemed like everyone was just working on their own little thing, which is understandable, but I thought: how cool would it be if we worked on a short? Gobelins style?

Anyway, the first meeting was great,  it was all about the visual storytelling, and really got a feel for what those brainstorming/gag sessions I've been reading about must feel like at studios; it all went quick and just about every board we came up with individually got discarded for a new one the group thought was better.

With finals coming up however, things have sort of slowed down, so I'm not sure if it'll be finished anytime soon, or at all. It was fun while it lasted though, and learned tons; not just about animation or storyboarding.

The actual website is here:

Here's some stuff I did for it in flash. It's all set up and ready for animation, so if anything I could probably put up an animatic of the whole thing:

Boards 25-45

Original art by Simon Thelning


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