February 9, 2011


Man, Ryan Larkin makes this look sooo easy! Maybe it is and I just am really bad at this, but anyway: walks!

I was sort of bummed out at first that our Animation 2 prof (Hans Brekke) had us really getting close to our reference (I wanted something more performance based) but looking back at Animation 1, all we did were exercises and it's all really helping now. Besides, if I can't really get a normal walk down, performance ones are really going to be bad.

The first two are in Photoshop, but I decided to switch to flash because photoshop's export is a bit funky and won't export 24fps exactly even with quicktime set- not that great for critiques. I'm also starting to kinda like the way you can bend shapes to movements in flash and concentrate on spacing and timing than worrying too much about maintaining a consistent volumetric form, very UPA-ish. It would be cool if photoshop's animation capabilities were right on target like Flash, but it's still good for fun animation projects.

The last two are in flash, gave one a hat for the hell of it. Kept it off the other to check arcs.

I'm also kind of stoked of getting into Maya with this. Next project for 3D Animation is a walkcycle too (a ball with legs) and our prof (Ed Gutierrez) showed us the
A W E S O M E  power of IK. Really sweet stuff. I also now know what these people on these podcasts have been talking about what with their ik, fk, step tangent, blocking, et cetera jargon. ha.

Critiques 'n Comments always welcomed :)

walkeh from Michael Barquero on Vimeo.

walkmeh from Michael Barquero on Vimeo.

flash walk from Michael Barquero on Vimeo.

hat walk from Michael Barquero on Vimeo.

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