January 15, 2011

Raining City

Some boards from Visual Storytelling, we got a script to follow: had to do with a city, and some shady character chases the protagonist, and the protagonist then has to stumble over garbage in an alley and find themselves with face to face with a celebrity who then finishes off the scene:

Starts with a street lamp in a city

camera tilts down

tilting with a shadowy character on the right

reaches bottom

character comes in

character walking in to center 

cuts to character

zoom in on character

character walking

she hear something

kinda freaked out

looks back

oh shit

soul is sucked from her (not really, it's supposed to be a whip pan, but we later learned this is not how you board a whip pan).

end soul sucking

whip pan stops on shady character

cut to her running

tilting up

tilting up

tilting up

cut to her running and shady character chasing

cut to an alley entry w/ character running in scene

ducks under to alley

walks over garbage


bum is exposed box

bum gets up

grabs her leg

he says something

lets her go

she pulls away

she gets up

camera pans to reveal some dude's legs around corner

she walks around

approaches new shady charater

It's Samuel L. Jackson and he tells her to be quiet

cut to him with gun into alley

CU to "aaaarrghhh!"

Pan to smoking gun

Shady character is dead

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