January 15, 2011

Mafia Wood

Another set of boards, also scripted, had something to do with people trying to pull off some type of heist and in the end, the police were hearing the conversation these men were having:

Establishing shot of cabin in the woods

Camer trucks in by car

Camera moves up stairs

Cut to characters around a table

Craneshot past ceiling fan

Cut to Main dude

Is getting up

Camera cuts to his hands moving up

Camera tilts up

Camera cuts out

He says something

Everybody laughs, except for dude in middle

Camera cuts back out to main dude lighting cigar

As he lights, he's realizing something

Camera cuts to face as he says something

Cuts back to top down where with everyone saying "got it"

Cuts back to this shot, we hear a radio echo "got it"

Everybody realizes he has a wire; "get him"

Cuts to binocular pov with dude about to punch rat

Cuts outside, tower in sight

Cut to top of tower, cop: "Have to try again later"

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