January 14, 2011

Feliz Año Nuevo

Mmm, happy über late new years to whoever it is that reads this.

2010 was a great year overall, got accepted to a pretty sweet art school (CCA!), got scholarships to go, got approved loans to afford the housing, am living in "Cali", got to visit Pixar (even if it was just the front gate), got taught by "industry professionals", went to my first "con" (APE), made some pretty cool friends, had an awesome traditional thanksgiving with a friend, and I got to fly back to the 305 (Miami) to visit the folks. Overall though, what's got me most excited is that I'm still doing art; fantastic.

Here's hoping for another great year. To anyone who accidently this blog and is thinking about wanting to do something in the arts...man, just try and do it. You woulda told me I'd be bloggin it up in Cali, and gotten the opportunities I've been given...I wouldn't have believed; more than grateful.

Anyway, been meaning to take shots of these, got some stuff from BART rides, class notes, UPA studies, storyboard studies, some stuff from Fairburn (these books rock my socks), other stuff from other books, and some studies from this guy: http://designlesson.blogspot.com/ .

[edit] Pardon the badly rotated pictures, Blogger likes to rotate my images and editing on Picnik just makes things worse.

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