January 15, 2011

Bear Jail

Ha, man... 

Bear is being brought into cells

Warden drops him in

MCU to bear on ground

Cuts out to warden leaving

Bear moves to corner

MCU to bear in corner sad

Bear looks up

Moves screen left

Cuts out to bear ending at bars

Bear looks out at nurse

Figures the lock is how you get out

Cuts back out, nurse in bear cell

Cuts to Bear on Couch

CU to bear looking

Eye-line action to key

Cuts out to nurse giving bear something

Cuts back to keys, bear takes keys

Nurse is like omg, bear walks off

cuts out to bear running off

ends at door

Cuts to nurse pressing a button (how do we know? we don't, bad storyboarding right here)

Cut back to bear opening door (no establishing shot so we dunno, wth is happening; moar bad storyboarding)

Bear running from stick figures (they're really guards and this is supposed to be climax which all takes place in just one short shot; bad)

The thing ends with the bear grabbing a water fountain by a window and throwing it out the window like Cuckoo's Nest; I threw it out though because when I pitched it I realized how dumb the whole thing was. The beginning (also thrown out) was even worse because it had nothing to do with what the rest of the story was about.


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